Tuesday, 7 August 2012

We are being framed

Well last week was a really busy week.

One of things we have found building with a smaller builder, the schedule is a little more "flexible" than building with a larger builder. This can be both a positive or a negative depending on how you look at. Its good because you may change some smaller things over the build, but what you have to watch out for is that any additional costs need to be covered by you outside of your building loan. Also, you have to make sure you are on top of these things.

Luckily for us, BH Developments have a really good line of communications. In our spec sheet, the choice of hot water system was still TBD. BH Developments picked this up and asked us which way we wanted to go traditional or instant hot water systems (more on that later). But to make that decision we needed to finalise our cabinetry. So Friday arvo was spent on con-calls with BH and the plumber; and BH and the chippy. The chippy work over Saturday on the final designs and BH work on the costing on Sunday. In the end it came under the allowance we had set aside so went ahead with the instant hot water system.

For the cabinetry we have a massive amount in the kitchen, and have additional cabinetry in the laundry, study and WIR in the master bedroom.

So the hot water system. We could have gone the traditional 250 lt hot water system. However, with 3 females in the house I doubt whether Ethan or I would be having a hot shower in 10 years time. So we went with an instant hot water system (easy choice there). Doing a straight swap between systems isn't much of a cost difference, but due to the size of house the recommendation was to have 2 hot water systems (the extra instant hot water system is where the real additional cost comes into it) so as to not have a massive drop in pressure when multiple areas are using it at the same time. So that is what we have done 1 system for the kitchen, powder room and ensuite and another system for the laundry, kid's bathroom and toilet.

So after that weekend, the boys on site have been flying along. All the ducting, plumbing and gas went in at the beginning of the week.

Under house work

sub-floor completed

first day of framing

second day of framing


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  1. Oh my gosh! I was confused by the title of this post. I thought something bad happened to you! It’s a relief you were just talking about the frame of your house being built. It’s always pretty cool to see the skeleton of the house. For me, that’s the actual starting point; and, construction really starts to become exciting from there. Wait until the walls go up! That’s when it begins to look REAL.

    -- Kevin Noel --